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Storytelling: Four lessons in The Storytelling tradition

From PBS site:

One theme woven through these four lessons is the diverse nature and form of narratives. All of the narrativespresented in these lessons draw on the great range and variety of stories related to cultural resources available toteacher and student alike. Remember that although the term “narrative” is frequently applied to written texts and oralstories, narratives may also be inherent in a painting, a dance, an object, or a historical record.



Some storytellers found online


She is called the “Storyteller Laureate” of Kingston, NY.  She has been telling stories for decades – to children, to adults, in many settings.    Karen offers workshops on storytelling and I see there have been some at Ulster Community College.


To be a good storyteller, you have to first be a good listener.

Found in Hudson Valley Magazine.  Here is the article on six storytellers who make a living in the Hudson Valley.