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Best Small Cities In the US

XYZ:   Some possibliities   Tellride , CO;   Savanah, GA (too hot),  Athens, GA has 100,000 ish,


Focus of blog

Until I can devote more time and until I have a great “skill set”  in this technology, I will keep my current interests here under one Spiritosablog.    It is a great help in following my own line(s) of thinking at a certain point in time.   I have short-term memory problems.   My mind skips from point to point and surfing the internet while maintaining any kind of linear through-line in my thinking is not possible at this time.

I am still interested in keep track of my hobbies as such:

1.  Pottery, that I desperately need to find a new home for doing my work in (Studio, etc).  Clearly that cannot happen where I now live and it is one of my main motivations in finding a new place to live.

2.  Storytelling –   working in this art form and being a storyteller, in place of doing theater.    Also investigating the overlap of language learning and storytelling.    Finding community.  Also another motivations for a move?     Somewhere I don’t have to drive many miles in the winter to find others.

3.  Italian language.    If I wish to committ to learning this further.  Living in a city with resources to help in this might motivate me again.   And finding other learners.   And native speakers.

Research Living in South America


Research online this winter will be about living in South America and the  pros and cons, and affordability, of settling in various places.  I like to check out blogs of those who are living and have been living in a place for a while.  Interested in places where i get the impression that people do try to get integrated into the local culture rather than to create a “little USA” in their new homeland.     (The SUPERMAXI stores in cities in in Ecuador bring this to mind, although I can understand getting homesick for comfort foods and various US sundries).     “Hot” spots get “warmer” within time and so the research may not be so relevant by the time I pick my little self up to go.   Half of the point is to plant the idea in mind that it is doable and that it is exciting.  I need to know I am getting out of here and that I have some alternatives,  Possibly get to know my ol’ social and people liking self again if I go somewhere  that is  a bit more open and inviting.     When people relocate to a completely new area, they often seek out others who are also knew there.  By nature of moving they are also “outsiders” and this can be a common bond and a common motivation to be more welcoming to new people.    Small town NE life is from my perspective  VERY HARD.

I will tag posts for easy searching.
ECUADOR – All the most preliminary information I have read and the photos I have seen have drawn me to Ecuador.  I have heard of Quito but otherwise know little about this country (that obviously means “Equator” seeing as the equator runs smack dab through it.    I hope some of these popular places don’t get to expensive and Americanized between the time I decide I love it and the time I could actual move there.

Searching specifically also for women travelling and their experiences.    But also, more specifically, women who settle down as expat somewhere alone.  Most of the blogs I’ve seen involve someone moving with or to be near a partner.

(CATS – big issue here.  What to do.   Stayed here my whole life because of my cats.    What to do.  Sanctuary?)