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Focus of blog

Until I can devote more time and until I have a great “skill set”  in this technology, I will keep my current interests here under one Spiritosablog.    It is a great help in following my own line(s) of thinking at a certain point in time.   I have short-term memory problems.   My mind skips from point to point and surfing the internet while maintaining any kind of linear through-line in my thinking is not possible at this time.

I am still interested in keep track of my hobbies as such:

1.  Pottery, that I desperately need to find a new home for doing my work in (Studio, etc).  Clearly that cannot happen where I now live and it is one of my main motivations in finding a new place to live.

2.  Storytelling –   working in this art form and being a storyteller, in place of doing theater.    Also investigating the overlap of language learning and storytelling.    Finding community.  Also another motivations for a move?     Somewhere I don’t have to drive many miles in the winter to find others.

3.  Italian language.    If I wish to committ to learning this further.  Living in a city with resources to help in this might motivate me again.   And finding other learners.   And native speakers.


What Story Telling Does to the Brain


This is beginning of a series of posts exploring why we have the need to tell stories AND how we can continue to benefit from both telling and listening to stories.  Who doesn’t like watching a movie with an interesting narrative  * characters, or a well-written TV show with a story arc so compelling that audiences will return again and again?  We all love stories.

Topics might include  – who tells stories nowadays, who told stories in the past, what kind of stories are important in various cultural contexts, storytelling as a means of teaching and learning,   storytelling and language teaching/ learning in particular, and various medium of storytelling such as strictly oral (do you listen to podcasts?) to strictly visual,  say a collage or more technical – instagrams or other social media, ie. FACEBOOK pages (not so much interested in non-verbal at this time), to the narrative streams that come though various social media sites, adding up to an ongoing (non-deliberate)  story told by multiple storytellers.    I think right now lower-tech stories are more in my interest but I do like the idea of comparison between the simplest forms and most high tech forms of this ancient and very modern art form.

This might need to be a blog unto itself.  Depends – as long as I end up regularly contributing here about it.    I want it to be a base in which to turn to for ideas on how to become a storyteller and how to use various media, for rote beginnger and for *amateurs* on the documentary form.

Hoping to feel brave enough to tell the stories that feel are interesting.

I am interested in “writing” a short story perhaps this week or next made of photos and captions.