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Focus of blog

Until I can devote more time and until I have a great “skill set”  in this technology, I will keep my current interests here under one Spiritosablog.    It is a great help in following my own line(s) of thinking at a certain point in time.   I have short-term memory problems.   My mind skips from point to point and surfing the internet while maintaining any kind of linear through-line in my thinking is not possible at this time.

I am still interested in keep track of my hobbies as such:

1.  Pottery, that I desperately need to find a new home for doing my work in (Studio, etc).  Clearly that cannot happen where I now live and it is one of my main motivations in finding a new place to live.

2.  Storytelling –   working in this art form and being a storyteller, in place of doing theater.    Also investigating the overlap of language learning and storytelling.    Finding community.  Also another motivations for a move?     Somewhere I don’t have to drive many miles in the winter to find others.

3.  Italian language.    If I wish to committ to learning this further.  Living in a city with resources to help in this might motivate me again.   And finding other learners.   And native speakers.


Bowl #30 (in progress) Mold and Coils Feb 2014

Bowl no. 30 mold and coil  done Feb 2014Bowl #30 (in progress) Mold and Coils Feb 2014

Let quasi leather hard the bowl mold which made for a nice and sturdy structure to add 4-5 coils (round) on top.   Smoothing out the inside with rib(s), sponge as I would like a totally smooth rather than pitted surface.

#30  weather kept me away from bringing it up to the studio to fire.  I hope the weather gets better, because all this exposure to zero degree weather, even from inside my car, is a concern.

Square Vase pinch paddle only

square vase mostly built up Jan 2014Square Vase pinch paddle only

Markings made with side of paddle.   Right now about 4 inches.   Will add on with flat coil unless I think of something else.  Made 4 square feet to attach when leather hard.   Not sure I’ll want the feet square or perhaps small balls would be better?   Monday- I added two thick, flat coils building height.    Letting dry a bit before adding more.   Feb. 2014:   Now a tall vase, drying in studio, waiting to be bisque fired.

Medium coiled wide bowl

Medium coiled  wide bowl

Trying to figure out how to finish building it and making bottom
less flat. Still in Bmix without grog. This is last pot in which I will use that clay body.     This is also good example of slumping and too much water added, not dry enough to keep building.   Wasn’t going to hold a shape like that.

Rounding it out

Rounding it out

Started with a small foot but the bowl was slumping so I paddled it away, I hope.  It is now drying (Jan 2014)

Feb 2014:   Not sure what I think of the unevenness here.  I want to be able to do more texture / design on the surface, some “earthy” stuff.  Nothing planned.   Clay body not holding up so well.    Hoping it is fire by now.